Welcome to a Black Belt Academy

We provide the highest quality traditional Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu) to people from all walks of life and all ages. This is accomplished through detailed instruction within group based and individual private training classes in our Newark Delaware locations, as well as study trips to China and Hong Kong to learn from the finest "old school" Kung Fu masters.
Beginners and those with no previous Kung Fu experience are always welcome! Our step-by-step training process will ensure that you and your family are learning Traditional Chinese Kung Fu in the correct environment and with the style of teaching that will enable your progress to KUNG FU MASTERY! Our Instructors received their teaching credentials by traveling and living in China, and studying intensely with real Kung Fu Masters.
Official Martial Arts Provider to The University of Delaware, and Chinese American Community Center. We are fully accredited and endorsed by the Foshan Chin Woo Athletic Association as well as the Government of Foshan, China.

Located: 200 College Square Shopping Center, Newark DE 19711
Email: John.Jurewicz@Gmail.com
Tel: 302-740-6894